Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Thoughts on Tasks, Projects, Programs

Good post over at Anticlue called Tasks, Projects, Programs. Here's an excerpt:

As the development of a methodology persists for a PMO, there is a vagueness surrounding the conceptual differences between a project, program, and task. For the project description, simply having a temporary unique endeavor with a beginning and an end is almost too general and simplified. At times, I believe the disconcerting part is that the realization everything is a project comes to light. Projects are large, medium, small, and tiny. As clarification occurs, realization that the manual running of the report every day at 8:30 am really isn't a project, those additions of doctors to the doctor master, really isn't a project. In my experience, the difficulty embracing the concept derives from something deeper.

Read more of this great post here: http://www.anticlue.net/archives/000870.htm

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