Friday, February 1, 2008

PM Insights: Why Are PMs Such A Miserable Lot?

Craig Brown has a guest post over at Project Shrink, the Blog that's worth reading - Why Are PMs Such A Miserable Lot?:

Are they really? Probably not everywhere and probably not all the time but there
are force at work that keep our project mangers scowling.

Other people’s money: Dealing with that responsibility can be stressful for many people. It’s good practice to treat your client’s money as if it were yours, but really, if you have $5 million, would you waste it on a software project? No wonder our PM’s feel the pressure to perform.

Business is serious: That’s right. Our business is very serious and our stakeholders and shareholders are important people who we want to impress. The way you manage your project won’t make a blip on the stock market indicators, but you have to share some of our burden. As the project’s manager you are in charge, right?

Except for the following things: You rarely pick your team, you usually don’t get to choose the solution, or the project management approach. And your stakeholders, who all have history in the organisation and are probably playing politics 70% of their working life will not spare a second on screwing you behind your back if it suits them. Of course you like your job.

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