Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When is a Scrum Master (or a PM) Not?

Excerpt from When is a Scrum Master (or a PM) Not?:

Here are some examples of the problems these nice folks have had:

“When I want to use timeboxes to focus the attention of the project team on the
project, my boss won’t let me.” — a Project Manager

“Our Product Owner can’t
decide on a backlog before the sprint starts. How can we possibly commit to
anything?” — a Scrum Master

“Our Product Owner thinks that reviewing the backlog and have a demo and retrospective every 4 weeks is too frequent, so our sprints are now 8 weeks.” — technical lead working as a Scrum Master

Read more here:http://jrothman.com/blog/mpd/2008/01/when-is-a-scrum-master-or-a-pm-not.html

From the great project management focused blog: Managing Product Development

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